Four Mile Beach panorama at low tide mountain range

Endless Four Mile Beach at Port Douglas [photography]

This is my number one thing not to miss in Port Douglas! Check online for when that lovely low tide blesses Port Douglas and make your way as south as possible on Four Mile Beach. Get there by either riding your bike from the main strip Macrossan Street, or taking a car and parking at…Read more Endless Four Mile Beach at Port Douglas [photography]

Sunset at Anzac Park [photography]

I love a good sunset. I also love a good glass of wine. There just isn't anything better than combining the two with good company. Port Douglas doesn’t have much, just resorts, restaurants, a beautiful beach and the lovely Anzac Park. It’s a relaxing place to barbeque with friends, have a picnic, watch the catamarans…Read more Sunset at Anzac Park [photography]

[Photography] Amalfi Coast & Capri, Italy

The first stop on our backpacking trip through Italy was the Amalfi Coast, Capri and Pomeii. I’d already been to Napoli this Christmas, so I stayed in the city only to save money. We stayed at Hotel Tourist in downtown Naples which is right beside the train station so it's good for day trips, but not much else.…Read more [Photography] Amalfi Coast & Capri, Italy

[Photography] Eco Festival, Aci Castello + Sicilian Concert

Well, this is a massive #laterpost, but I've been so busy over the past few weeks that I almost forgot about my trip to Aci Castello! A friend and I wanted to celebrate her final exams and the onset of spring weather, so we decided to go to Aci Castello - a beautiful little village just outside the…Read more [Photography] Eco Festival, Aci Castello + Sicilian Concert

Photography: Best of Italy #solocosebelle

Ciao famiglia! It's officially been seven months since I left Canada and took up an AIESEC internship teaching English in Sicily. In honour of my 7-month anniversary with the most wild experience of my life, here are seven of my favourite photos of Italy so far. I'm seeing a significant improvement in my photography and editing skills…Read more Photography: Best of Italy #solocosebelle

Candid Photos I Took of Davide + Travel Quotes to Inspire Your Wanderlust

As my travelling partner, he's bound to get wrapped up in my blogging + photography somehow. Looking for a little travel inspiration or justification? Look no further. Just click or hover on the photos below to read. Here's a great site for even more travel quotes. Thinking about incorporating human subjects into my photography more…Read more Candid Photos I Took of Davide + Travel Quotes to Inspire Your Wanderlust

Stop What You're Doing And Go To Taormina, Immediately |

The 6 Most Beautiful Places in Taormina

Alternate Title: 6 Reasons To Stop What You're Doing and Go To Taormina Immediately Seriously ragazzi, Taormina is the Sorrento of Sicily. If Rome and Venice made a tiny Sicilian love-child, it would be Taormina. As eloquently put in this Huffington Post article (anything published on Huff Post is SCIENCE, people), Taormina Is Perfection in Sicilian Form: This hilltop…Read more The 6 Most Beautiful Places in Taormina

Puglia Explorations: Bari, Alberobello & Matera

On the last leg of our New Year's Eve road trip around southern Italy, we decided to spend three nights in the beautiful and unusual Puglia region including two nights in Bari and one night in Matera. Starting in the city of Bari, we spent an afternoon and an evening exploring Bari Vecchia ("Old Bari") and…Read more Puglia Explorations: Bari, Alberobello & Matera