Melbourne skyline over the Woman's Tricks Semi-Finals

[Festival Guide] Moomba Festival, Melbourne, Australia

I recently dropped by Melbourne's Labour Day weekend Moomba Festival, held mid-March at Birrarung Marr and Alexandra Gardens on the banks of the iconic Yarra River. The Moomba Festival is pretty darn big as Melbourne's larger community festival with events spanning over four days including a massive carnival, kids crafts and workshops, live music, fireworks and sporting…Read more [Festival Guide] Moomba Festival, Melbourne, Australia


[Photography] Port Douglas Picnic Races

Port Douglas, the Tropical North Cairns resort town in which I reside, doesn't have much to do other than going to a restaurant, sitting poolside or taking a walk on the beach. So when they have an event - especially a new event - it's a big deal! This year was the first of the…Read more [Photography] Port Douglas Picnic Races

[Photography] Expo Milan 2015

Expo Milan was a feast for the senses: the eyes, the nose, and of course, the mouth. Over a six month period, Milan has become a global showcase with more than 140 participating countries showing off their best of technology and food. The focus for this year was to address the world's concerns for healthy,…Read more [Photography] Expo Milan 2015