Melbourne skyline over the Woman's Tricks Semi-Finals

[Festival Guide] Moomba Festival, Melbourne, Australia

I recently dropped by Melbourne's Labour Day weekend Moomba Festival, held mid-March at Birrarung Marr and Alexandra Gardens on the banks of the iconic Yarra River. The Moomba Festival is pretty darn big as Melbourne's larger community festival with events spanning over four days including a massive carnival, kids crafts and workshops, live music, fireworks and sporting…Read more [Festival Guide] Moomba Festival, Melbourne, Australia

Top 5 Things to do In Milan in 2015

After packing my life into two small bags, I embarked on the most wild adventure of my life, travelling directly from my temporary home of 8 months in Sicily, hitching rides through Italy, flying to Germany, swinging into Prague, flying to Greece, Budapest and then settling in Australia. I took way too many photos and…Read more Top 5 Things to do In Milan in 2015

Photography 101: Architecture

I’ll be posting a photo every day (or at least I’ll try to) for the month of November as part of The Daily Post‘s Photography 101 online workshop. Each day, we are given a new challenge to interpret through our own photography. It doesn't matter what day it is. I'm late anyway. When I saw today's challenge…Read more Photography 101: Architecture

A Walk through Siracusa

Ciao a tutti 🙂 A friend of mine from home recently asked me to describe what Sicily looked like. I'm embarassed to admit that I couldn't do it. Perhaps it's from constantly having to speak as slowly, simply and as clearly as possible so that the Italians understand me, but I simply could not find the…Read more A Walk through Siracusa