Melbourne skyline over the Woman's Tricks Semi-Finals

[Festival Guide] Moomba Festival, Melbourne, Australia

I recently dropped by Melbourne's Labour Day weekend Moomba Festival, held mid-March at Birrarung Marr and Alexandra Gardens on the banks of the iconic Yarra River. The Moomba Festival is pretty darn big as Melbourne's larger community festival with events spanning over four days including a massive carnival, kids crafts and workshops, live music, fireworks and sporting…Read more [Festival Guide] Moomba Festival, Melbourne, Australia

Venice Carnival: #EverybodysaPhotographer

Ciao amici! Just got back from my trip to Venice during the city’s busiest time of year: Carnival. Let me tell you, I’m absolutely in amore. From the romantic canals to the narrow-winding streets, the tiny bridges to the Venetian Spritz – I’m planning the elopement now. A lot of people thought I was crazy going…Read more Venice Carnival: #EverybodysaPhotographer