Bali: Ubud Monkey Forest [photography + travel]

Ciao a tutti! Who doesn't love a bit of monkeying-around while their on vacation? After saving up money with two high-energy jobs in Port Douglas, North Queensland, we were ready for a "vacation from the vacation". And what better place to feel rejuvenated than Bali, Indonesia? Just a hop-skip-and-a-jump from Cairns, it was a great way to…Read more Bali: Ubud Monkey Forest [photography + travel]

[Photography] Port Douglas Picnic Races

Port Douglas, the Tropical North Cairns resort town in which I reside, doesn't have much to do other than going to a restaurant, sitting poolside or taking a walk on the beach. So when they have an event - especially a new event - it's a big deal! This year was the first of the…Read more [Photography] Port Douglas Picnic Races

Photography 101: Bliss

I'll be posting a photo every day (or at least I’ll try to) for the month of November as part of The Daily Post‘s Photography 101 online workshop. Each day, we are given a new challenge to interpret through our own photography. Day 4 Bliss simple. Bliss is when you stop thinking, and start enjoying the present…Read more Photography 101: Bliss