Hello again online world!

It certainly has been a while since I’ve written on my own blog! I have been writing lots, but mostly for a European start-up based out of Budapest.See my backpacker lifestyle posts on HostelCulture’s blog (and here and here) as well as a Valentine’s Day special on the Free Tour blog.

Since leaving Port Douglas at the end of November, I feel like I’ve covered at least 50% of the best things to do in Australia. We drove down the East coast, from Cairns to Melbourne, stopping every few hours on the way. We sailed in the Whitsunday Islands, drove the sandy roads of Fraser Island, saw an endangered turtle lay eggs on the beach (for real!), paid homage to the Crocodile Hunter at the Australia Zoo, learned to surf (sort of), went skydiving, spent Christmas in Byron Bay, a week in Sydney for New Year’s, saw the little penguins on their evening commute in Philip Island, celebrated Australia Day in Melbourne and camped along the Great Ocean Road. Not to mention our week-long trip to Bali to kick-off our vacation! Fewf!

map of Australia east coast

(photo from http://www.gap360.com) Here’s a basic map of the Aussie east coast, just imagine us driving through each and every one of those towns and more, and then continuing along the coast past that little island at the bottom. Right now we’re basically in the middle of Australia on the south coast.

We’ve finally settled down (for now) in a tiny, middle-of-nowhere town halfway between Adelaide and Melbourne. We’re living on a cute caravan park with a ton of European backpackers picking grapes by day and drinking cheap wine by the camp fire at night. Life could be worse.

Because I haven’t had a moment to go through all my photos, I’ll just start with posting some great shots from Melbourne.

Melbourne is a beautiful, dirty sort of city in the south of Australia. It’s one of those places you’ll usually love or hate. I’m personally in the grey zone.

Love it: for the European cafes and restaurants, 17th century architecture (unusual for Australia) and arcades (like little indoor malls, not American arcades where you play Dance Dance Revolution or whatever), awesome night life, beautiful shopping, free transportation (in the Central Business District), outdoor cinemas, professional graffiti, abundance of Happy Hour deals, the Queen Victoria Market and Wednesday Night Market

Hate it: because the rest of the transportation is dead expensive, lack of surf or any nice beaches at all, the famous “four seasons in a day” confusing weather situation (sometimes referred to as the London of Australia), general dirtiness

Personally, I loved the overall European atmosphere with it’s interesting laneways, abundance of cafes and graffiti art. I would have liked more time to explore the different neighbourhoods.

Here’s a few photos I snapped while on our Free Walking Tour of Melbourne (not endorsed, I just liked it). Free walking tours (although you TECHNICALLY have to pay for them through tips) are a great way to see a new city on a budget! Not only are they fabulously informative, they are lead by passionate locals who love their city and are always helpful when it comes to planning your trip. When landing in a new city, I recommend starting off your visit with a free tour from any reputable company (I just Google it and use scientific gut-feeling-analysis to decide which one to go with). You’ll see so much without having to worry about planning or getting lost.



Melbourne skyline

Melbourne, St. Kilda Beach

Melbourne, St. Kilda Beach

Melbourne - Perfect work day - 8 hours sleep, 8 hours work, 8 hours play

Melbourne – Perfect work day – 8 hours sleep, 8 hours work, 8 hours play



Melbourne Archade - Reminds me of Milan

Melbourne “Block” Arcade – Reminds me of Milan

Melbourne high tea

This is one of the most famous places to have High Tea in Melbourne – sometimes they have line ups for hours

Melbourne high tea

Melbourne rainy side street

Melbourne rainy side street

Melbourne graffiti on one on Hosier Lane

Melbourne graffiti on one on Hosier Lane


Melbourne is full of professional graffiti artists. Where you become a “professional graffiti artist” beats me.

AUS_SYD-14-min AUS_SYD-15-min AUS_SYD-16-min AUS_SYD-17-min AUS_SYD-18-min
Working on getting a few more posts up within the next few weeks! Looking forward to keeping the web updated with my misadventures.

What’s new with you?




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