This is my number one thing not to miss in Port Douglas! Check online for when that lovely low tide blesses Port Douglas and make your way as south as possible on Four Mile Beach. Get there by either riding your bike from the main strip Macrossan Street, or taking a car and parking at the beach access point near the Beach Shack and walking from there.

For my partner’s birthday, I told him I wanted to surprise him by going somewhere close to home, but entirely new.

Despite having been to Four Mile Beach a billion-and-a-half-times, at low tide, it felt like we were in a brand-new tropical oasis. Away from the main strip and flocks of tourists, low tide made the beach into a whole new world, like walking on the bottom of the ocean since it’s usually beneath several feet of water.

It was amazing walking among the rocks and seeing the endless dessert-like terrain that surfaces for only a few hours every day. It felt like a privilege to see, knowing how few people get to see it like this. The water was so shallow that it actually gets HOT under the sun – just like a bath!

I could’ve spent all day just lying in that water.

It was difficult to capture with my camera, but this pool was speckled with starfish sitting just below the sand. Magical.

The entire effect was magnificent: Infinite ocean and sand in one direction, tropical rainforest and mountains in the other.

If you come to Port Douglas and do nothing else, visit the south end of the beach at low tide!

Shine brightly,



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