After packing my life into two small bags, I embarked on the most wild adventure of my life, travelling directly from my temporary home of 8 months in Sicily, hitching rides through Italy, flying to Germany, swinging into Prague, flying to Greece, Budapest and then settling in Australia. I took way too many photos and have way too much to say for just a single post, so in no particular order, this series accounts my trip up until now.

9/10 people who I know have been to Prague absolutely love it. Like, want to live there and get a job and make babies, etc. But I have mixed feelings.

It is certainly really pretty. The architecture of the buildings, the dark double spears of the churches, cobblestone its intersecting river and suspended bridges make it truly special.

But there’s something a little, well, artificial about it, don’t you think?

Perhaps it was just the shock coming almost directly from touring Italy – everything in Prague was so immaculately well-maintained in comparison to age-stained Italia. It just doesn’t seem natural, all the buildings are perfectly painted and manicured – beautiful, indeed – but maybe not as drippingly gorgeous as say Siracusa or Florence.

In fact, Prague reminded me of a wannabe Amsterdam just because it had lots of the same weird attractions. Like Madam Tussards Wax Museum in Amsterdam? There’s a smaller one in Prague. Like to party? There’s tons of clubs in Prague and an Ice Pub. Shopping? Check. Sex museum? Check.

They also had a WIDE offering of Italian purses, Thai massages, German beer, Hungarian pancakes, American chain restaurants (Hooter’s and T.G.I. Friday’s), Russian fur hats, and English breakfasts. Seems to me if you can’t afford to travel, just go to Prague for a week, you can get a taste of every country in the world.

There’s also an over-saturation of bachelor parties. It’s like the European capital for stag parties. I literally saw a group of guys on Segways dressed as *ahem* wedding packages drive by my tour group in the middle of the day. I’m not kidding.

Anyway, it’s still an awesome place to visit and shouldn’t be overlooked. There’s lots to see and do for every type of traveler and isn’t too expensive, but I did notice summer (peak season) the prices tend to be a little higher than usual.

We stayed at Hostel Mojo which I definitely recommend. It’s quiet, clean, and the kitchen is brand new. Also, the owner is very nice and generous, I can’t even remember how many free drinks we got! The prices are comparable and maybe a little cheaper than those that are closer to the city center, but you could never say Mojo is too far from the action.

If you eat out in Prague you can’t miss Lokal Dlouhá. This is where even the locals (we sat beside a group of them to prove it) go for cheap, good Czech food in a funky atmosphere. Get ready for local sausages, homemade sauerkraut and crisp beer.

I also think I would have liked Prague better if I hadn’t gotten sick while I was there!

What do you think about Prague? Overrated or awesome?




7 thoughts on “[Travel] Prague: The Amsterdam wannabe?

  1. I went to Prague once about 4 years ago and I really didn’t enjoy it. Like you, we had just come from Italy and I enjoyed Italy a lot more for whatever reason. I’ve also heard that everyone loves Prague, but apparently I missed the memo. I would love to return one day and give it another shot to see if that changes my perspective of it, but right now in my opinion, there are far better cities to see in Europe!


    • I know right? I just don’t think it lived up to everyone’s hype. I agree, I think there’s a lot more to see than to go back to Prague again! Did you go to Český Krumlov or Karlovy Vary while you were in the Czech Republic? I would recommend going there before going back to Prague.

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