After packing my life into two small bags, I embarked on the most wild adventure of my life, travelling directly from my temporary home of 8 months in Sicily, hitching rides through Italy, flying to Germany, swinging into Prague, flying to Greece, Budapest and then settling in Australia. I took way too many photos and have way too much to say for just a single post, so in no particular order, this series accounts my trip up until now.

After spending some time checking out the ruins and being sadly disappointed by the Amalfi Coast, the next stop on our EuroTrip was bella Roma. I’d already spent 3 days in Rome this winter, but you know what they say, a lifetime is never enough for Rome.

This time was far more relaxing because we wanted to do things entirely different from New Year’s. We stayed outside the city center to save money at an adorable AirBnb in Pigneto.

The Pigneto neighborhood in Rome is the perfect place to do as the locals do. Filled with young, bohemian-types; beautiful street art; cafes; restaurants; and pubs, but the best part is everything is very affordable compared to the touristy prices of centro Roma!

On the main strip, there are a ton of cute bars and cafes offering great aperitivo deals from €6-10. The aperitivo is one of the best things about traveling in Italy because it lets you eat well and drink for cheap. You buy a drink and food comes included. WHAT?! I’m not kidding! Every place is different, some will just offer a few tapas-style snacks while others have an entire open buffet of foods like pasta, bruschetta, cheeses, marinated veggies, and pizza. That’s like €8 for dinner AND a drink!

Marzamemi, Sicily | #solocosebelle #travelitaly

Aperitivo italiano


Pigneto seemed like the Roman home of the aperitvo and every evening between 6 and 10pm, the streets came alive and were filled with hip, young locals. There are also lots of drink specials which makes it a great place to pre-drink before heading into the city.

The only downside was that it was a little further from the historic center than we would have liked, and all the public transportation ends at 1am … when the night is just beginning in most Italian cities. But other than that it was relaxing and welcome change from the uber-touristy spots in the city center.

The next day we went to the Vatican which was the main goal of my visit. You simply can’t travel through Italy without going to Vatican City. Stay tuned for pictures and stories!


Have you stayed in Pigneto? How did it compare to the historical Roman center? Please share below!

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