10 Things Backpackers in Europe Know are True


Or at least I’m in one place for more than a few hours. Over the past 30-something days I’ve been on a wild ride through Europe. I backpacked north through Italy from Sicily to Milan, flew to Munich, hitched a ride to Prague, spent a week in Greece, five days in Budapest, and I just arrived in Australia early this morning. In between fighting jet lag and getting ready for the next adventure, I’ll be posting my experience piano, piano (step by step).

For now, let me summarize my thoughts with a sprinkle of humour in list format. I’m sure all backpackers who’ve been through Europe can relate to these 20 real, time-tested facts.

20 Things All Backpackers in Europe Know Are Absolutely True
  1. Not all complementary breakfasts are made equal.
  2. Neither are free maps.
  3. Camcorder tourists are the WORST. When are you seriously going to watch that video you took of Pompei? YEAH, NEVER.
  4. Free public toilets are never taken for granted.
  5. Neither is free WiFi.
  6. Getting lost in countries without the Latin alphabet (i.e. Greece, Czech Republic) is a given.
  7. Sleeping in public places isn’t homeless, it’s nomadic.
  8. Every destination seems to have it’s own typical alcoholic drink, “handmade” ceramics, and panoramic view (via mountain, tower, bridge, tall hotel etc.). This is true for even the smallest of villages.
  9. You can eat Italian food for every meal of every day in every city outside of Italy. But why don’t people try – for instance – German food in Germany?
  10. When in doubt, follow the hoards of Asian tourists. They’ll lead you right to the top sights and attractions.
  11. Eavesdropping on other tour groups to try and save money instead of splurging on a tour yourself is totally ok from time to time.
  12. You have moderate paranoia about pickpockets.
  13. Cities with clearly identified, structured and explained public transport systems deserve some kind of international kindness award. Seriously people, a few colour coded signs go a long way.
  14. Finally remembering how to say “hello” and “thank you” in a language means you’re probably on your way to another country.
  15. Drinking on the streets at any time of day is somehow way more fun than drinking in a club.
  16. Selfie sticks.
  17. You feel like the TripAdvisor sticker is getting a touch overused. How can everything be “recommended”?
  18. Once you see a few tacky souvenir shops, you’ve seen ’em all.
  19. You and your backpack have a massive love-hate relationship.
  20. You’ll never have as much time as you want in almost every place you visit, best to make the most of every moment!

Photos, tips and stories coming soon!

Ciao for now,




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