Well, this is a massive #laterpost, but I’ve been so busy over the past few weeks that I almost forgot about my trip to Aci Castello!

A friend and I wanted to celebrate her final exams and the onset of spring weather, so we decided to go to Aci Castello – a beautiful little village just outside the city of Catania – for the “Eco” festival: a gathering to promote sustainable living, organic foods and other green products.

We capped-off a perfect day as ‘local tourists’ with an awesome concert by popular Sicilian band, Ipercussonici (I’m pretty sure the video was filmed in Catania BTW). They play a modern-spin on traditional Sicilian music which sounds like a trippy mix between ska, reggae, something Arabic and a dash of country JUST because they play an ancient little instrument (“Marranzano”) that reminds me of a banjo …

The best thing about this festival and concert was the atmosphere. I’ve never been to a more inclusive and welcoming, yet cool, event quite like it. It didn’t matter how old you are, your income, if you had kids, if you were single or married or whatever, everyone was having the same kind of fun.

It’s this kind of prejudice-less atmosphere that I’m really going to miss about Sicily. Oh, and 1.50 EUR glasses of wine!



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