Syracuse boasts the only school of classical Greek drama outside of Athens, and from mid-May to mid-June, it hosts live performances of Greek plays in the city’s ancient Teatro Greco.

Ciclo di Rappresentazioni, or the Festival of Greek Theatre, is Syracuse, Sicily’s crowning jewel and its most important annual attraction. Throughout May and June, the event attracts Italy’s finest performers to portray ancient Greece’s classical tragedies.

Festival Overview:
  • When: mid-May to mid-June
  • Where: Syracuse (Siracusa), Sicily’s Teatro Greco (Viale Paradiso)
  • Cost: Depending on how far advance you buy, if you buy online, and which day of the week (weekends are usually more expensive); €28 – €64
  • How to Get Tickets: Buy online or from the ticket booth outside the theatre. Weekend tickets MAY sell out though.

Important Info & Tips:

  • The performances are typically in Italian, but it’s different every year and when I went it was in an ancient Siracusan dialect. I had a great time watching the overall performance and enjoying the atmosphere, but it certainly wasn’t like being at a Broadway show.
  • Take a minute to appreciate the fact that the artists are re-enacting shows that were actually performed in that very theatre in the era of Ancient Greece.
  • Snacks and water is super expensive to buy at the theatre so just bring your own.
  • If you sit close to the stage, you’ll be sitting on the ancient stone seats of the theater – cool! But not so nice on your bum. Bring a pillow or a blanket to sit on.
  • This time of year Sicily is lovely and hot during the day, but it still gets cooler at night when the sun goes down. Don’t forget to wear pants and a jacket!
  • Photography is totally allowed – don’t forget your camera!
  • For more information, see the organization’s official site.

Siracusa’s beautiful Festival of Greek Theatre finishes on the 28th of June this year. If you’re in the area, it’s absolutely a must-see! You won’t want to miss the feeling of being sent back in time as the sun sets over some of Ancient Greece’s most compelling tragedies. Bellissima!

Have you been to the Festival of Greek Theater in Sicily? Tell me about it in the comments below!



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