Last week I had the pleasure of visiting four must-see locations in south-eastern Sicily: Agrigento, La Scala dei Turchi, Modica & Marzamemi. I’m updating as quickly as I can, but it’s probably just easier if you follow me to get all the posts right away!

The Italian coffee-sized town (itsy-bitsy) of Marzamemi lies in the Syracuse province of Sicily in the south-eastern corner of the island. Like most of my experiences in Sicily during the winter, this is another location which is better enjoyed in the summer, when this seaside commune gets packed with people trying to escape the sizzling Sicilian weather.

Despite this, when we visited in mid-May, the shops were still starting to open and we spent a lovely afternoon checking out the boutiques, artisan tuna and other local goodies.

It’s a really charming marina that strangely reminds me of Toronto’s Distillery District. Anyone else find this?

An afternoon glass of Nero d’Avola wasn’t a bad idea either.


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