One of southern Europe’s most compelling and well-preserved archaeological sites, the Parco Valle dei Templi (Valley of the Temples) is an absolute must-see in Sicily.

The Valley of the Temples consists of eight temples (among various other historical remains) built between about 510 BC and 430 BC and is among Sicily’s most famous attractions. The park itself is set upon a mountainous landscape just outside the city of Agrigento; however, while simply admiring the panoramic view of the sea and farmlands is interesting enough, the real attractions are it’s ancient Greek ruins of the city of Akragas.

Some tips about visiting the Valley:

  • Bring lots of water because it’s going to get VERY hot and you’ll be walking for a long time (2-3 hours)
  • Bring snacks for the same reason as above
  • Do yourself a big favour and wear comfortable shoes
  • You can’t bring a bike inside the park (I don’t know why this wasn’t obvious to us)
  • The entrance fee is about 10 EUR for the standard adult, but you have to pay 3 EUR more to get into the Giardino della Kolymbetra (a “lush” garden sanctuary in the Agrigento Valley that I couldn’t have been bothered to pay for)
  • If you’re travelling in the summer, go as early as possible in the morning to beat the crowds and all-consuming heat
  • Bring a camera. The folks back at home will want to see this.

Now please excuse me while I go watch Hercules. Obviously the Disney version. Kthx.

BTW: Why not spend an evening exploring Agrigento’s winding medieval streets and charming shops after a day among the temples? There are a couple affordable B&B’s in the city’s historical center if you need a place to stay.

Have you been to Agrigento’s famous Valle dei Templi? Tell me what you thought!


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