Alternate Title: 6 Reasons To Stop What You’re Doing and Go To Taormina Immediately

Seriously ragazzi, Taormina is the Sorrento of Sicily. If Rome and Venice made a tiny Sicilian love-child, it would be Taormina.

As eloquently put in this Huffington Post article (anything published on Huff Post is SCIENCE, people), Taormina Is Perfection in Sicilian Form:

This hilltop Sicilian town is a mesmerizing juxtaposition of medieval towers, luxury shopping alleys, a walkable island, crystal-blue beaches and its grand highlight: an ancient, ruinous theater which some experts peg at more than 2,000 years old.

I couldn’t agree more. The tiny, cliff-clinging city town was founded by the Ancient Greeks in 3rd century BC, where it was later held by a variety of rulers include the French, the Romans and the Spanish. Today, it’s a major hot-spot for the Wealthy: those looking to soak up some Sicilian sun between trips to designer boutiques and sips of vino di mandorle (an exquisite almond dessert wine).

Piccola Taormina doesn’t have many historical sights, but still boasts some of the most beautiful views in the entire country. Here are my top 6 most beautiful places to see while visiting Taormina:

1. Isola Bella
Stop What You're Doing And Go To Taormina, Immediately |

Soak up the sun on Taormina’s rocky but comfortable shores from a towel or rent an umbrella and lounge chair!

2. The Greek Theater
Stop What You're Doing And Go To Taormina, Immediately |

Once hosting works by Sophocles, today, the Taormina Greek Theater serves as an forgettable venue for concerts, film screenings and fashion shows.

3. Villa Comunale
Stop What You're Doing And Go To Taormina, Immediately |

Sometimes called the Parco Duca di Cesarò, this little English-style garden overlooks the sea and contains several charming oddities to admire. There are the ruins of what appear to little cottages or towers, but could probably be the set of another Lord of the Rings movie.

Stop What You're Doing And Go To Taormina, Immediately |

4. Piazza IX Aprile
Stop What You're Doing And Go To Taormina, Immediately |

One of the most popular Piazzas for its splendid view of the sea and Mt. Etna, Piazza IX Aprile is surrounded by expensive cafes where I could easily spend all day people-watching.

Stop What You're Doing And Go To Taormina, Immediately |
5. Corso Umberto

Corso Umberto combines the quintessential Italian imagery that defines the streets of Rome, with the small-town feeling of Sorrento. Here, you can shop and eat gelato to your hearts content, finding anything from designer boutiques to local artisans.

Stop What You're Doing And Go To Taormina, Immediately |

Adorable cafe entrance off Corso Umberto.

6. Castelmola
Stop What You're Doing And Go To Taormina, Immediately |

This picturesque little village is best visited on a clear day where you’ll see some gorgeous and thrilling views of Taormina and its bays below.

Stop What You're Doing And Go To Taormina, Immediately |

View from Castelmola.

More photos here:

Unless you have a lot of money to spend at all of Taormina’s beautiful restaurants and seaside bars, you can easily see all of the above in just one day: Wake up in the city center and spend the morning wandering Corso Umberto, viewing the Greek Theater and exploring the public gardens before they’re bogged with tourists. Spend the afternoon enjoying the sun at Isola Bella. Finish the day in Castelmola admiring the view with a glass of almond wine at the famous Bar Turrisi (click and you’ll see why). Perfection!

Taormina is quite a bit more expensive than any other city in Sicily, but it’s absolutely a must-see for any traveler and is easily accessible from the mainland.

What are your favourite spots in Taormina?



5 thoughts on “The 6 Most Beautiful Places in Taormina

  1. How would you travel from Taormina to Tropea, Italy, if you are spending a week in each city? Is it better to rent your own car or rely on bus, train or boat , to get from the first city to the second and back again? What would the cost be and how soon do you have to make reservations?Thank you.


    • Hi Joni!

      Thanks for reaching out! To confirm, you’d like to spend 1 week in Taormina and 1 week in Tropea? Do you have a budget in mind? I would definitely recommend renting a car if you’re comfortable with driving and if budget allows. You can rent the car in Sicily, take it on the ferry to the mainland, and then return it to Sicily when you’re done. You’ll be on your own schedule and see some very beautiful places along the way.

      When are you travelling? During peak season, you’ll want to reserve your accommodation and transportation in advance. Be careful travelling to these destinations between January and April (as I did) as it’s much colder and many things are closed.

      Feel free to reach out to me via email with more details about your trip and I’ll help in any way I can!

      Talk soon 🙂


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