Ciao amici!

Just got back from my trip to Venice during the city’s busiest time of year: Carnival. Let me tell you, I’m absolutely in amore. From the romantic canals to the narrow-winding streets, the tiny bridges to the Venetian Spritz – I’m planning the elopement now.

A lot of people thought I was crazy going to the most romantic city in the world over Valentine’s Day as a solo traveler, but I ended up having the perfect time. There were tons of young singles in my hostel (the beautiful Generator Venice, BTW. Sub-par food. Winning atmosphere.) and it wasn’t hard to meet new people.

The tradition of the Venice Carnival began in the 11th century, making it one of the oldest Carnival traditions in the world. The Venetian Republic promoted the festival as a way to give the people time for fun and parties. They allowed them to wear masks 24/7 as a way to assume complete anonymity, meaning that people of different classes could mix together and indulge in one’s pleasures (Possibly Real Fact: at one point, 20% of Venice’s population were courtesans). The idea was that people could feel liberated to do whatever they wanted before the period of Lent, however this obviously caused a lot of chaos and danger in the streets and they eventually had to restore normality.

Sounds like some kind of alternate-reality/Utopian thriller-flick. I’ll start writing it right away.

Today, Venice Carnival is a far shadow from the alcohol-soaked party it was hundreds of years ago, but it’s still one of the most beautiful and unique cities in the world, and the hundreds of festival-goers make it even more special.

As long as you can ignore (or in my case, embrace and mock) the millions of like, super-professional photographers (this includes me, I can laugh at myself) who are all apparently reproducing every inch of Venice through their terrier-sized Nixon/Cannon/Nimbus 2000 XbCX, it’s impossible not to get completely floored by the total beautify of it all.

Sorting through all these photos (I took nearly 800 in only 4 days) was time-consuming and gave me severe separation anxiety, but hopefully you like them.



While everyone was taking photos of the masquarade, I was taking a photo of everyone.

While everyone was taking photos of the masquerade, I was taking a photo of everyone.

What kind of photographer are you?

  1. The Snob: My camera is worth more than your car and weighs more than your dog
  2. The SelfieStick: If I’m not in the picture, it’s like I was never there.
  3. The KoreanTourist: If I don’t take a picture of absolutely everything, it’s like I was never there.
  4. The I’ll-simply-make-a-video-of-everything-including-this-non-moving-statue


PS: check out more pics of beautiful Murano & Burano!


9 thoughts on “Venice Carnival: #EverybodysaPhotographer

  1. Hey! Thanks for following my blog. You have some awesome shots here so I’m definitely following back! I haven’t been to Italy yet and to be honest, I hadn’t considered going during Carnival. Your post has made me change my mind!

    Ps. without trying to be grrr, in love in italian is innamorato amore means love by itself rather than in love 😛


    • Hey! Thank YOU for the follow and the Italian corrections! Don’t worry, my Italian is awful, I always make silly mistakes I need to be more careful! 😛

      Glad you’re enjoying the blog so far 🙂


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