Does This Video Change The Way You See Italy?

Another great post from Living in Italy. Moving to Italy. Loving in Italy. Laughing in Italy. My question is, who is the target market? Other than YouTube, where has this been published? The call to action is definitely missing, as well as the native-English proofreader who should have looked this over before going live.

Rather than downplaying the stereotypes that sure won’t be forgotten by the world any time soon, I agree that they should have turned these into Italy’s strengths, and THEN carried on to talk about Italy’s more academic and technical conquests.

Then again, I’m very unclear on who the video was intended for – Tourists? Students? Government diplomats? BOH! Knowing this will of course change the direction and objectives of the project.

Living In Italy.Moving To Italy. Loving In Italy. Laughing In Italy.

Similarly to a turtle that’s stuck on it’s back, Italy is desperately flailing to get to it’s feet and recover from it’s economic, political, and social setbacks. Their solution? This video, titled, “Italy, The Extraordinary Commonplace.” I actually don’t even know what that means. Does anyone know what that means? The video is in English, and aims to clean the soiled reputation of a once great nation.

Italy is trying to rebrand itself.

The video has gotten mixed reviews but a lot of them are good. ABC recently wrote a story titled, “Italy Promo Gets Thumbs Up For Turning Stereotypes Around.”

The video was created by The Ministry Of Economic Development. So far the YouTube video has been viewed over 390,000 times. It’s nice to see that Italy has finally found a way to market itself differently and is trying to change it’s image in hopes of increasing interest from…

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