On the last leg of our New Year’s Eve road trip around southern Italy, we decided to spend three nights in the beautiful and unusual Puglia region including two nights in Bari and one night in Matera.

Starting in the city of Bari, we spent an afternoon and an evening exploring Bari Vecchia (“Old Bari”) and then transitioned to the modern shopping area of “New Bari”. A beautiful seaside town with great designer boutiques (if you can afford that kind of stuff), however Bari was a little quiet and over priced (Tip: DON’T settle for a drink at Barcollo in Piazza Mercantile unless you enjoy paying 6 EUR for a Spritz made of 90% ice with no snacks included) for our tastes.

The next day we planned on doing a bit of city-hopping, starting with the spectacular limestone caves of Grotte di Castellana. It was one of the most interesting things we did on the trip, but unfortunately no photography was allowed so you’ll just have to experience it for yourself!

After that we skipped over to explore the curious trulli of Alberobello, the stunning coastline of Polignano a Mare, and finally the distinctive cave city of Matera.

Don’t forget to click the photos to see more information in the caption 🙂

grotte di castellana + alberobello + polignana a mare


city of caves.

bonus pics: tropea

On the way back to Siracusa, we stopped in the lovely seaside Tropea for lunch. Unfortunately for us, most things are closed for the winter, but it was still beautiful to take a quick walk by the ocean before finishing the long drive home.


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