They say that a lifetime’s not enough for Rome.

Having visited for only three days, I can absolutely agree with this statement. I’ve never been in a more beautiful or fascinating city than Rome. The historic cathedrals, abundance of golden sculptures and Ancient Greek and Roman influences make it feel truly magical. I’ll admit almost Disneyland-esque, given the unnecessary quantity of tourist shops, photo ops and vendors selling selfie sticks and magnets on every corner. Give them too much eye contact and they’ll be on you like a hound. Despite this, its still impossible to enjoy everything Rome has to offer in only a few days.

On New Year’s Eve, we didn’t waste a moment. Despite the day’s frigid temperatures, we spent took advantage of the short hours of sunlight getting lost between the elegant piazzas, spectacular fountains and cobblestone streets.

Just before midnight, we joined a few new Brazilian friends and headed to the Colosseum. Hundreds of thousands of people poured into the streets, young and old, cheering and shouting, setting off fireworks and drinking champagne and beer – right on the streets of Rome. At midnight, everyone began the count-down at their own interpretation, developing into a crescendo of “Happy New Year” that swelled around the Colosseum and throughout the city. Fireworks erupted from behind the monument and continued to stir the public. Cries of “Auguri”  and “Buon Anno” could barely be heard from over all the fireworks and commotion. It was truly a spectacular experience followed by a slightly hectic night at a late night concert in Circo Massimo.

Tip: Click on the pictures below to enlarge them and see my remarkably informative comments.

Final Stop: Pugli-region adventuring in Bari, Alberobello and Matera



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