Ciao and Auguri a tutti! (hello and happy holidays)

It’s been a wild last ten days for me as my friend and I are just returning from our road trip around Southern Italy for New Years Eve. From our homes in south-eastern Sicily, we drove up through the Messina port and spent three nights in Naples, three in Rome, and then three in the Bari / Puglia region.

First stop on the trip from Sicily brought us to the tragically misunderstood city of Naples (Napoli) on the South-Eastern coast. Naples has a reputation of being very dangerous, but even at night we had no trouble with the locals.

On our first night, we met up with my friend’s old colleague from when they worked together in Firenze (Florence, nbd). In typical Napolean fashion, we. Neither of us can remember how many courses there were (I’m pretty sure it was approximately 5 – seafood salad with a side of unnamed fried seaweed appetizers and bruchetta, a round of sausages, seafood pasta, and then the dolce which was a scoop of gelato and two pieces of cake. Then coffee. Finally, finally coffee.) These Italians make you eat so much you actually beg them to stop feeding you.

We spent our second day working off the monster meal by wandering the graffiti-littered streets of Naples, shopping for presepe in the centro storico, and checking out the catacombs of St. Genaro, Naples’ oldest and most sacred catacomb.

On the third day, unfortunately for us, we didn’t get the chance to see Pompeii for lack of time. I would recommend going to Pompeii first thing in the morning or investing in a skip the line ticket as even on December 29, the line looked to be over 2 hours long. I can’t imagine how long it will be when I return this summer! So anyway, we ended up spending a sunny but cold afternoon in beautiful Sorrento instead.

Next stop: New Year’s in Rome, Belle Avventure in Puglia



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