Photography 101: The Natural World

I’ll be posting a photo every day (or at least I’ll try to) for the month of November as part of The Daily Post‘s Photography 101 online workshop. Each day, we are given a new challenge to interpret through our own photography.

Day 8 (slash, I missed like 3 days)

I can really relate to today’s challenge, some of the most inspiring subjects are part of the Natural World: plants, animals, trees, the ocean, the sky etc. and I am constantly watching for the tiny details that might make an interesting photo.

This opportunity came to me entirely by lucky chance. Lucky because I found it in the first place, and lucky because I somehow didn’t run into it on my bike.

Because I was so close, the wasps stopped moving to avoid being seen, If I had a better lens and a tripod, I could have sat further away and captured the wasps while they were still active.

Wasps Nest 1 Wasps Nest 2



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