How to: Working Holiday Visa in Australia [travel guide] 

After working in Italy for 8 months, I decided to go to Australia for a working holiday. What surprised me most was not how difficult it was, but just how easy. It's incredibly simple for many countries (including Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Canada and the UK) to get the Australia working holiday online. Assuming…Read more How to: Working Holiday Visa in Australia [travel guide] 

Melbourne skyline over the Woman's Tricks Semi-Finals

[Festival Guide] Moomba Festival, Melbourne, Australia

I recently dropped by Melbourne's Labour Day weekend Moomba Festival, held mid-March at Birrarung Marr and Alexandra Gardens on the banks of the iconic Yarra River. The Moomba Festival is pretty darn big as Melbourne's larger community festival with events spanning over four days including a massive carnival, kids crafts and workshops, live music, fireworks and sporting…Read more [Festival Guide] Moomba Festival, Melbourne, Australia

Bali: Ubud Monkey Forest [photography + travel]

Ciao a tutti! Who doesn't love a bit of monkeying-around while their on vacation? After saving up money with two high-energy jobs in Port Douglas, North Queensland, we were ready for a "vacation from the vacation". And what better place to feel rejuvenated than Bali, Indonesia? Just a hop-skip-and-a-jump from Cairns, it was a great way to…Read more Bali: Ubud Monkey Forest [photography + travel]

Melbourne Photography

Hello again online world! It certainly has been a while since I've written on my own blog! I have been writing lots, but mostly for a European start-up based out of Budapest.See my backpacker lifestyle posts on HostelCulture's blog (and here and here) as well as a Valentine's Day special on the Free Tour blog. Since…Read more Melbourne Photography

Four Mile Beach panorama at low tide mountain range

Endless Four Mile Beach at Port Douglas [photography]

This is my number one thing not to miss in Port Douglas! Check online for when that lovely low tide blesses Port Douglas and make your way as south as possible on Four Mile Beach. Get there by either riding your bike from the main strip Macrossan Street, or taking a car and parking at…Read more Endless Four Mile Beach at Port Douglas [photography]

Sunset at Anzac Park [photography]

I love a good sunset. I also love a good glass of wine. There just isn't anything better than combining the two with good company. Port Douglas doesn’t have much, just resorts, restaurants, a beautiful beach and the lovely Anzac Park. It’s a relaxing place to barbeque with friends, have a picnic, watch the catamarans…Read more Sunset at Anzac Park [photography]

I’m On A Boat: Poseidon reef trip [photography + travel]

I’ve recently discovered that I am a data nerd and that I am thirsty for information. When I go to a historic site for example, I love to do a tour, bring an audio guide, or at least do some research beforehand to really understand and appreciate what I’m looking at. I was no different…Read more I’m On A Boat: Poseidon reef trip [photography + travel]